Video Stitch-Alongs Available on YouTube!

We now have the video Stitch-Alongs featured in Knitting Video Stitch-Alongs Vol. 1 andStitch Heaven Salutes Barbara Walker up on YouTube! The DVD is still the only way to see the interview from Barbara Walker, and the eBook is the only way to get the 5 project patterns, but the videos are now available for individual purchase!

These professionally filmed Stitch-Alongs, demonstrating 18 of Barbara Walker’s beautiful stitch patterns, are available to purchase on YouTube for $0.99 each. To preview the amazing quality of these videos, take a look at the Milanese Lace Stitch-Along that is available for free!

We also have the basics with Carla Scott the Editor of Vogue Knitting. She teaches how to cast on, knit, purl, and cast off on our DVD The Art of Knitting, and we have made some clips of her lesson available for free! These are great videos for beginning knitters so they are perfect for people who are rust and need to brush up, or need a first lesson. Perfect to share with friends who are just learning to knit, or who are always asking for your help to cast on and bind off.

You can see all the videos here on the blog, just go to Premium Video Stitch-Alongs and Free Video Stitch Alongs. And if you want those extras or you prefer to watch on your TV, the DVDs that feature these videos are all available for purchase on

Congratulations to our winners!

Our facebook page reached the mark of 200 fans yesterday, plus a few more! As promised, the 200th liker, Lisa Gordon will receive her free copy of the Stitch Heaven Salutes Barbara Walker DVD!
Also, I have used the random number generator to pick a fan, out of our now 213, to received a copy signed by Barbara Walker herself!
True Random Number Generator
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The magical random number machine says 25, and the 25th fan is Susan Manchester! Congrats to Susan and Lisa!
Keep inviting friends to like the page and help us spread the news about this awesome DVD, as well as our new eVbook based on the DVD, called Knitting Video Stitch-Alongs Vol 1. Both awesome ways to learn and enhance your knitting skills!

Interweave Knitting Lab Recap!

Interweave Knitting Lab was last weekend..what a blast! It was a great opportunity to get the word out about our DVDs and especially the eVbook, but what was really great was getting to meet some big names in the industry! The market was very small but the place was crawling with awesome authors and teachers. I got to shake hands and chat a bit with Meg Swansen and Stefanie Japel and they were both very sweet and charming.

There were so many questions asked about the eVbook that I wish I had better answers to, like,”When will it be available on other platforms?” “Do you have any for crochet?” and “Can I get these patterns on Ravelry?” Soon, soon and nope, they’re exclusive! Nevertheless it felt awesome to be there and be spreading the word about Knitting Video Stitch-Alongs and what we hope will be the next big thing: video enhanced ebooks.

This was my second show with the company and the first that I did all on my own. I had booth help for two of the days since my mom lives nearby and is awesome, but I was the sole representative from Stitch Heaven. Schelpping all that stuff from LA to San Mateo was an adventure. Basically every available space in my car was crammed with stuff and I barely had room for my suitcase. But I needed all of it, and as you can see my booth set up was not too shabby. I had worried about the fact that there was no pipe and draping separating the booths like there usually are in these types of market, but it worked out fine. We were assigned a nice space against the wall and next to the window and as quite a few people told me, I was hogging all the natural light.

The market was open from Thursday afternoon to Saturday afternoon and there were definitely some folks who still wanted to shop when it was over. It was exhausting but tons of fun and I hope I get to attend more shows like this so I can tell even more people about Stitch Heaven!

Another way we are getting the word out is by collaborating with bloggers! You can see all the blogs that have reviewed us so far by clicking over to the Reviews & Press page of our blog. Ruth of Rock and Purl was generous enough to post a review of the Stitch Heaven DVD that I sent her. She gave a glowing review and I am so grateful to have the support of such an awesome designer. If her review convinces you that you must have the DVD, which I hope it will, you can get it on the online store at 20% off during our holiday sale!

So excited!

We’re so excited to be attending Interweave Knitting Lab as a vendor! Kelly will be (wo)manning the booth alone this time, and will be happy to introduce you to our library of awesome knitting instructional videos. She will be demonstrating the brand new, and first ever video enhanced ebook, or eVbook, for knitting: Knitting Video Stitch-Alongs Vol. 1. It is available on the iTunes iBookstore, for viewing on an iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch and it is a wonderful way to be able to carry your knitting teacher around in your pocket.

If you aren’t as tech-savvy as our eVbook lovers, you will want to check out the wonderful The Art of Knitting series of DVDs, as well as Stitch Heaven Salutes Barbara Walker. These DVDs are great for beginning-intermediate knitters and will make great holiday gifts for yourself or friends and family members who have expressed interest in learning to knit!

Barbara Walker will be in attendance at this show, and is giving a sold out lecture! If you want to be able to take Barbara home with you, or if you didn’t get a ticket (it’s been sold out for quite a while!) pick up a copy of Stitch Heaven Salutes! It includes a great interview that was recorded in Barbara’s home, in which she discusses a variety of topics, from how she became a knitter to her love for Greek myths about knitting and spinning. The DVD also has a segment with Laura Bryant of Prism Yarns, that will teach you the ins and outs of using color in your knitting.

We will also be offering a selection of kids knitting and crochet kits! These make great gifts for crafty kids; they come with a The Art of Knitting 4 Kids or The Art of Crochet 4 Kids DVD and everything they need to make the featured project. Not only are these adorable and easy for kids to learn from, we have heard that many teens and adults have enjoyed learning from them as well! Either way, we love to help build the next generation of knitters and crocheters!

If you can’t make it to Interweave Knitting Lab don’t worry! You can order these titles and more at TriCoastONline.

Holiday Sale on TriCoastONline!

Our Holiday Sale has begun! Everything in our online store is 20% off, so start shopping now for gifts for your friends or family members who are interested in learning to knit. We have everything a beginning knitter/crocheter needs to learn and improve their skills!If you’re a fan of the Treasuries of Knitting Patterns then you will love Stitch Heaven Salutes Barbara Walker DVD! It has an interview with Barbara, plus Laura Bryant from Prism Yarns, as well as video stitch-alongs of 18 of the most popular stitches from Barbara’s Treasuries. It’s like having expert knitting teachers in your living room!

If you want to carry those teachers around with you on your iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch, now you can with the brand new, first EVER video enhanced eBook. Knitting Video Stitch-Alongs Vol.1 has 5 stitches from the DVD (because that’s all the ebook format will allow) and it’s available for only $2.99! Available on the iTunes iBookstore.

These are such great resources for beginning knitters as well as Barbara Walker buffs! ‘Tis almost the season so check out some great gift ideas at

Better late than never! Vogue Knitting Live Recap

Vogue Knitting Live! Belated Recap

Better late than never for a recap of Vogue Knitting Live! It took place in the Hyatt Century Plaza, a beautiful venue. In my opinion the only thing it sorely lacked was coffee carts for VKL attendees… but I did find ways to occupy myself while I was waiting for my caffeine fix, it was fun to take pictures of the ridiculously long line.
The Stitch Heaven booth was fun, not as snazzy as some, but I think we did an awesome job of displaying our stitches, projects, and the DVDs.
Notice that poster on the left? That’s the eVbook, a groundbreaking new publication which is gonna be the future of craft publishing (at least we think so)
The Vogue Live people did an awesome job of decorating the show floor with interesting knitted and crocheted oddities.


The knitted brain is my favorite!
Is this a beautiful booth design or what? It belonged to a foursome of stores that teamed up to make a booth that was pretty much as large as a real yarn store. They were full of beautiful (the birdies wouldn’t say cheeeap!) yarns, patterns, and kits.
Probably the highlight of the weekend was meeting Franklin Habit. He is so incredibly nice!
I also chased Shannon Okey down so I could be a fan girl. :) Told her about the eVbook… and that TriCoast would be more than willing to share video production prowess if coop press wants to publish any enhanced e books.
Overall the event was a success, even though it was much smaller than many of the shows I’ve attended before. I can’t wait for the next event!

The eVbook is live!!

Have you ever been knitting at a baseball game (or sporting event of your choice), doctors office, or coffee shop and found yourself so distracted that you cannot begin to understand what your pattern is trying to tell you to do? Well Stitch Heaven has come up with the perfect solution to that. Video demonstrations for stitch patterns. Starting with some of Barbara Walkers favorites!

We are happy to announce the first ever video enhanced ebook for knitting! It’s available in the iTunes/iBookstore and it’s only $9.99! “Knitting Video Stitch Alongs” has 5 of the stitches demonstrated in our wildly successful DVD “Stitch Heaven Salutes Barbara G. Walker“.

To download it on your computer you can search in the iTunes store, on a device (iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch) you’ll want to go to your iBooks app and search the store there. Compatibility with other devices coming soon!

We are SO excited to announce the release of our first eVbook title. The first of many to come! This gem of an enhanced ebook has embedded video demonstrations for 5 stitches, as well as a project pattern featuring each stitch. All for only $9.99!

Come visit Stitch Heaven at Vogue Knitting Live!

The producers of Stitch Heaven are ready to mingle this weekend! We hope you’ll come see us in the Hyatt Regency Century Plaza in Century City. It is going to be a fantastic event full of yarn, learning, and inspiration.

If you aren’t familiar with what Vogue Knitting Live is all about, you can visit the website to get the scoop. They have a great video of what happened at VKL last year in New York:

VKL NY Promo Video

If you are already familiar with VKL, then you’re probably just as excited as we are! We’ll be talking about our new products as well as offering awesome discounts on all of our DVDs, including Stitch Heaven Salutes Barbara G Walker.

This is a treat for BGW fans. If you want to hear how she became a knitter, what her favorite techniques are, and how she collected enough stitches to publish four treasuries then you will love the interview section of the DVD.

It’s also filled with amazing video stitch-alongs, where you can learn from some great teachers and passionate expert knitters. The 18 stitches demonstrated in the DVD are straight out of Barbara’s treasuries, but you have never seen them like this before! Now you can learn proper technique for that complicated lace stitch you’ve been trying to master from an expert, and not only that but get a private lesson where they go through every row as slowly or as quickly as you want to see them. Pause, rewind, fast-forward, turn it off and come back later; I think it’s the most relaxing and effective forum for knitting instruction.

If you’re signed up for classes at VKL you probably already know that events like this one are the most FUN way to get knitting instruction from the experts. Stop by booth #10 in the marketplace while you’re there and meet the producers of Stitch Heaven, preview the DVD, and ask us about Barbara and the groundbreaking new eVbook that we have coming out. We can’t wait to meet you!

It’s coming, it’s coming soon! The FIRST EVER eVbook, presented by StitchHeaven!

The excitement is bubbling over here at TriCoast Studios….
We are days away from releasing a groundbreaking new type of publication; an eVbook! It is the first video enhanced eBook EVER, and it should be up on iTunes very very soon! I am ecstatic to say it is an amazing resource for my favorite activity: knitting!

You may have already seen the awesome new DVD: StitchHeaven Salutes Barbara G Walker. Now, we are anxiously anticipating the release of the eVbook that includes 5 stitches from the DVD.


It’s a video enhanced eBook, with 45 minutes of video, 5 stitches, and 5 beautiful project patterns from those stitches included. The stitches demonstrated are from the DVD, but the eVBook offers the ability to view the videos on your iPad or smart phone, and gives you the video and the text instructions on the same page. The videos are integrated into the book, with a clickable index/table of contents, making the viewing experience SO convenient and fun!

The eVBook includes 5 patterns that cleverly use the demonstrated stitches, designed by Betty Balcomb. It will be for sale on iTunes soon for $9.99, and we are hoping it will become a go-to resource for knitters of various skill levels. Keep your eyes on iTunes for the release of this groundbreaking new publication!