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“Knitting is a great meditation, it’s relaxing and healing. This DVD is a wonderful introduction to the world of knitting.”
Olivia Newton-John, on the DVD The Art of Knitting

“Everything a knitter needs to know at the push of a button. The perfect gift for all levels of knitters.”
Trisha Malcolm, Editor in Chief, Vogue Knitting on the DVD The Art of Knitting

Wendy Johnson of Wendy Knits said, “I think both the DVD and the eBook would be great for beginner or intermediate knitters looking to increase their skills”
Read her Review of the DVD Stitch Heaven Salutes Barbara G Walker (10/11/11)

Knit Purl Gurl said, “Amazingly thorough, this DVD would make a WONDERFUL gift for the new knitter or the knitter looking to try new techniques.  With over 3 1/2 hrs of instruction, any knitter is sure to master these stitches very quickly.  This is the perfect companion to the Barbara G. Walker A Treasury of Knitting Patterns books.”
Read her Review and listen to her Podcast about our DVD Stitch Heaven Salutes Barbara G Walker (10/18/11)

Steve Malcom of It Takes Balls to Knit! said, “You might think that these are only for beginners, but not so. Each stitch pattern comes with the written instruction for the entire pattern, and a chart so you can follow along that way if you prefer. As an advanced knitter, you can simply use the chart or written instruction and go, but it’s great to have the actual video there as well just in case you make a mistake or want to compare your results. With this layout, beginners can learn how to use charts as well…”
Read more of his Review of our eVbook and our DVD Stitch Heaven Salutes Barbara G Walker (10/25/11)

Ruth of Rock and Purl said, “There’s something for everyone – texture, lace, colorwork, slipped stitches, cables… Their experienced knitters have good technique and they even add up their own mantra to certain patterns.”
“I enjoyed seeing the technique of other knitters…. Stitch Heaven accomplishes 2 important things:
– Teaches new knitters there’s nothing they can’t conquer.
– Teaches experienced knitters there’s always something new to learn.”
She Reviewed the DVD Stitch Heaven Salutes Barbara G Walker (11/1/11)

Sarah E. White of Knitting said, “This collection of 18 stitch patterns shows how each is completed step by step and also has video segments with Walker and color pro Laura Bryant, which are sure to inspire knitters to play more with stitches and color.”
“Perhaps the best part of this DVD is the segment with Walker, who explores how she got started knitting, her obsession with developing knitting stitches and some of the mythology and legend behind the fiber arts. It’s as close as most of us will get to sitting and chatting with her, and it’s a lot of fun.”
Read Sarah’s Review of the DVD Stitch Heaven Salutes Barbara G Walker (11/2/11)

Paula Moliver, author of The Hartford Knitting Examiner said, “TriCoast studios is responsible for this groundbreaking first-ever video enhanced eBook on knitting, with Knitting Video Stitch-Alongs Volume I. There are five projects designed by Betty Balcomb in this eVbook. The patterns are demonstrated in close video detail for you to follow.”
She Discussed the eVbook (11/2/11)

A reviewer at said, “This would be an awesome gift for a beginner or advanced beginner knitter.  Shown in very clear detail, (is) how to make each stitch, along with tips and techniques to guarantee success. Each segment, is indeed, a stitch-a-long, and you knit the block with the instructor.  I took it to my knitting group and we all oohed and awed over how easy it made these stitches. And, we all learned a few things we hadn’t thought of before, so even if you’ve been knitting for forever, it would work for you.  The audio is very clear and the stitch detail is amazing. If you are a visual learner, this is a great way to do it.”
They Reviewed the DVD Stitch Heaven Salutes Barbara G Walker (11/13/11)

Janessa, the Thrifty Nifty Mommy said, “These DVDs are both great and they WORK! They were able to teach me what I needed to do and I was knitting and crocheting in under a half an hour each! I am really enjoying my new craft!! Although I am an adult, I think these DVDs would easily teach a child how to knit/crochet as well! They would make great gifts for anyone on your list who likes to be crafty!
Read her Review of our DVDs The Art of Knitting 4 Kids and The Art of Crochet 4 Kids (11/15/11)

Sister Diane of CraftyPod said, “A nice teaching tool for experienced beginner or intermediate knitters… Each stitch has an embedded video alongside its pattern. You can easily pop the video to full-screen size to get a closer look. Video quality is excellent, with each demonstrator giving a little history of the stitch before going to a hands-only view. The pattern is demonstrated row by row, and you can easily pause the video at any point while you catch up. There’s also this super-handy Notes feature, where you can add your own notes anywhere in the pattern.”
“It goes way beyond a collection of pretty projects to become a highly useful learning tool.”
She posted a Review of the eVbook (11/26/11)

Comments from her readers were enthusiastic:
Maureen from Ventura said, “OMG!! That will be SO helpful!! It’s just what I needed. Thank you so much for reviewing this. It’s beyond awesome!!”
Meryl Ann B said, “Fabulous! I can see myself tucking this into my knitting bag and learning anywhere – it’s just what I need to graduate from making only scarves!”

Ashely Thurman, author of the blog Cherished Bliss said, “I am so excited to introduce you to these fabulous products! When The Art of Knitting contacted me to review their children’s knitting and crocheting DVD’s I was thrilled! I know how to crochet, but I have always wanted to learn to knit! Both of these items would make FANTASTIC Christmas gifts for little ones. It is encouraging, and you are building a skill to last a lifetime!”
She Reviewed our DVDs The Art of Knitting 4 Kids and The Art of Crochet 4 Kids (12/1/11)

Anniken Allis, the YarnAddict said, “I’m a very visual learner and much prefer to be shown something rather than reading it in books… The DVD will show you how each stitch on every row is worked. You can pause, rewind and re-play as many times as you want. It’s like having a teacher in the room with you.”
She Reviewed our DVD Stitch Heaven Salutes Barbara G Walker (12/14/11)

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